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Gulf of Mexico 2010 August-September

These were very busy months for us in the Gulf.  We have an enormous collection of articles and photos to share -- so many, in fact, that we decided early in 2011 to present these photos by subject instead of by date.  So please see the following other menu items, which now include much of our material from August through November, 2010.  

-- For photos of small marine life, near-shore dolphins, and many pelicans and other seabirds with their fledglings, please see the article titled "Seabirds and small marine life."  

-- For exciting times with larger marine life -- sperm whale, whale sharks and smaller sharks, sea turtles, and so on, see the article titled "Large marine life."  (There are still many photos and videos still be uploaded to that area, especially of the many pods of bottlenose dolphin.)

-- For a summary of the work we did by boat and on foot -- gathering, documenting, packaging, and shipping to laboratories across the U.S. for thorough analyses several hundred samples of sand, sediment, water, sea-bottom, and small marine life known as 'seafood', see the article titled "Sampling work."