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2013 April 07
Salton Sea, California

“I may be old, and I may be deaf. I may be blind, and more than a little arthritic.  But my name is Pepper, and I don’t give up on life easily.  I know my good times are coming, and if I have to wait right here for life to find me, I will!”

And wait he did. By the time Pepper’s first angel found him, he was sitting all alone in an empty parking lot in the hot dry desert near the Salton Sea. He was so weak and dehydrated he could hardly lift his head let alone walk, but she could see that he was alive. She called another angel, a woman named Joyce Lindsay, who took Pepper to the VCA Valley Animal Medical Center Emergency Hospital. They kept him for a few days and did lots of diagnostic tests, including x-rays and blood work. They told Joyce that Pepper was about 15 years old and assured her that Pepper had plenty of life left in him, he was just going to have to take it a little easy in his old age!


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