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2013 April 12 Friday
Mayflower, Arkansas

Two weeks ago ExxonMobil's Pegasus Pipeline burst into the backyards of a neighborhood in Mayflower, AR, a beautiful small town next to Lake Conway and surrounded by other scenic lakes and waterways.  Thousands of gallons of tar-sands oil have since filled the yards, streets, and now it has begun to make its way into nearly Lake Conway.

We flew over the area today, on our way to Texas to give a lift to some rescued dogs who have been fostered for some time and are finally headed to forever homes in Nevada and California. We're still on the road as we write this, so we'll keep it brief, but we wanted to get you today's photos as soon as possible.  The last two days have seen some very strong rainstorms in this area, so we were prepared to see little obvious oil from the air.  But that was not the case at all, as you can see in these photos. Either there's plenty still gushing, or this sticky, thick tar sands stuff is not easily washed away.

Some of our favorite photos are here at the start, with a video that takes you all around this part of Mayflower and the water way immediately to its east, which enters into Lake Conway. Below these is a gallery with more photos.  We have many more photos than are shown here.  As always, we are happy to make available high-resolution versions of these for any non-profit purposes to benefit the public and the environment.


See the rest of the photos and videos here!