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2013 April 02 Tuesday
Gulf of Mexico off of Louisiana

UPDATE (20130420) - "Belly viewer" video of the Taylor Energy slick has now been added!   See below.

For weeks, we had planned to fly the Gulf on Wednesday April 03, in conjunction with a high-altitude flight of NASA's Unmanned Synthetic Aperture Radar (UAVSAR) and some satellite radar passes, over a long rectangular area that extended from Lake Pontchartrain southeastward to several miles south of the  Macondo area, covering also most of the Taylor Energy site. The gusty thunderstorms here made that impossible, but fortunately we all squeezed in our flights the afternoon of Tuesday Apr 02, even the Gulfstream 3 with the UAVSAR, whose crew had to fly their lines at the end of an already-long commute up from central America. Nearly simultaneous viewing is desired in order to compare what we see visually (half-micron-scale wavelengths) and what the radars see at their meter-scale wavelengths. By understanding the correlated signatures of both visible and radar data, we are able to make more accurate interpretations of data from one or the other data source alone, in searches for oil slicks and sheen.


Read the full article and see all the photos and video here!