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2013 February 13 & March 12
Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, Gulfport, MS

We’ve learned a great deal from some recent visits to Moby Solangi’s Institute for Marine Mammal Studies (IMMS) in Gulfport, MS. Moby has spent considerable time with us showing us around all of the facilities and answering many questions. Some of our questions arose originally because of a request of us from Moby to help transport two orphan sea lion pups from California to IMMS. Those two young female sea lions -- “K.T.” and “Sage”-- are now safely and happily ensconced at IMMS, thanks to FedEx, a private jet, and much careful work by many. While we did not support the accomplishment of this transport, Moby’s request gave us the opportunity to look closely at IMMS for ourselves and to ask many pointed questions about past, present, and planned activities regarding captive marine mammals at IMMS and elsewhere.

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