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2013 March 13
Bayou Perot, about 30 miles south of New Orleans, LA

Yesterday evening around 6pm (CDT), a tugboat pushing an oil barge struck a gas pipeline in Bayou Perot, a wetlands area about three miles south of Lake Salvador, about 30 miles south-southwest of New Orleans.  Today at 4pm, about 24 hours later, the very charred tugboat and barge are sitting on the bottom in the very shallow water, and there remains a fierce ball of flame and long line of very dark smoke blowing southward in today's 20-mph northwesterly winds.  We took a quick half-hour flight to bring you some up-to-date photos. There is no fire in the surrounding wetlands, and the sheen that extends southward well over a mile looks to be contained and not contaminating the shoreline.  Here are our photos and a video from today, together with a map of our flight track. Our GPS flight tracks for today's flight can be downloaded here.









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