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2013 March 12
Arkansas to Indiana to Maine and home at last!

We wrote last September about helping a wonderful rescued English Shepherd dog named Skip. Skip is no ordinary dog, and he's not cut out to live in just any old climate or join any old family. We thought about him countless times after we met him and transported him to his new foster parent Frank in Indianapolis, for he was one of the most awesome dogs we've met in a long while. And it wasn't just because we had more time to get to know him, since weather made air transport impossible and caused us instead to drive him to Indiana from Arkansas. He was just striking to us in his dignity, gentleness, and general intelligence.

Skip fit in well with his foster parent Frank's pack of sled dogs, and while there Skip learned lots of new lessons, including how to pull sleds, walk as a team, and chase tennis balls and give them back on request. It wasn't long before Skip's forever family found him, and they asked us to fly Skip to their farm home in Maine just after Christmas. Weather and scheduled didn't cooperate, though, and it turned out for the better, as Skip's family drove from Maine to Indiana to retrieve him, and the drive home cemented their forever bond. 

This was a case where many caring, wise people tended Skip as he grew up from puppyhood and became an adult, until finally his forever family appeared. Our hearts have enjoyed earing about this very happy ending for this special dog. So here is the story from where we left it off last September:


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