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2013 March 11
Southern California

We wrote two months ago about two little dogs we scooped up from the high-kill animal shelter in Devore, California at the close of their last day and last chance for adoption before being euthanized.  (See "Last but not Left", 2013 January 06.) We named the white poodle-terrier mix Jasmine and the dark-colored one Coco.  Coco was pregnant, but the veterinarian found complications that caused them to recommend spaying her immediately, which we did.  We also had Jasmine spayed. We began networking to find them permanent homes, while in the meantime bringing them back to health with an excellent raw-food diet with supplements.

Jasmine was easy from the start. She smiled constantly. There is no place in the world she'd rather be and nothing else she'd rather do than hang out as near as she can be to her human. Her foster Dave found the right human within the first two weeks, and Jasmine -- now affectionally called "Minnie" -- soon became the happy companion to her forever human companion Teri Jo.  Teri Jo had been wanting a dog like Minnie for companionship to her and her other older white poodle mix "Pearl."  The three of them have been inseparable since the day they met!

Coco seemed like she might be more of a challenge. She seemed happy, and she was perfectly behaved -- quiet, obedient, as nice as could be. But she never quite smiled.  We wanted to see her face light up and her whole body wag with joy! Little did we know how those smiles would finally come to be...


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