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2012 December 08, Saturday
Porterville, CA to Hillsboro, OR

The folks in Porterville, CA -- like many other crowded animal shelters in central California -- find themselves over-run with orphaned, abandoned, and injured dogs every day of the year. They never stop doing everything they can to find them homes or fosters before their allowed time in the shelter runs out. But finding homes and fosters is only one challenge. Getting all the dogs there is another.

Happily, people in the colder northern states love the small dogs that abound in California! Maybe it’s because these small dogs don’t require long walks in the sub-freezing weather, or because they love nothing better than to hang out indoors with their humans? Who knows, but thankfully, there are many people in the northwest who are delighted to adopt the many small dogs who find themselves lost and homeless in California. So we at On Wings Of Care do all we can to help get them there!

During our rescue transport flight back to California from Texas on December 6, we received a frantic phone call from our friends at Porterville. They said that their previous plans to fly 71 of their dogs to Oregon, Washington, and northern California were falling through, and that if the dogs didn’t go by that weekend, their time would be up. (Think “euthanasia.”) Among these were 40-45 smaller dogs and about 25 medium-sized dogs. “Whew!” we said, “That’s a lot of dogs and crates!” They had expected at least four large planes to do the transport, but chronic bad weather and various other problems had interfered.  Now the only option being offered was that if Porterville would drive at most 28 dogs in individual carriers to San Jose, each dog freshly bathed and clean, the dogs could hitch a ride in the cargo bay of a jet that was returning to its home base in Hillsboro, OR. We acknowledged with sympathy the near-impossible challenge of immediately bathing 28 shelter dogs and finding vans and drivers to take them to San Jose, but asked -- “What about the other 43 dogs??”  Well, that’s why they were calling us, they said.  But FORTY-THREE dogs?














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