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2012 December 05 Wednesday
Southern California to Dallas and then Georgetown, TX

This flight home for Blackie has been in the making for several months. Since his best friend and human partner Tammy suffered a very serious injury from a passing truck in California last August, he had not seen or heard her or anyone else he had known and loved in his first five years of life, and life seemed to have turned a corner to bleakness. There was one bit of light and warmth, however, which came from some kind and perceptive animal handlers at the shelter in Kern County, CA, outside of Bakersfield. Despite Blackie being a well-muscled and strong, intact young male pitbull with some evidence of scars on his face, they saw right off that he was also a gentle, stable, sound soul who meant no harm to anyone. So while Tammy spent months in hospital critical care, Blackie spent months in the Kern County shelter.

He became a shelter favorite, in fact. When we went to visit him in November, he was out in the grassy play area chasing tennis balls and rolling on the grass -- with children! We even brought one of our dogs, an aussie-terrier male, to see how Blackie would be with other dogs -- looking ahead to flying him with some other canine passengers in order to take him back home to Texas when it was time. We need not have worried!  Blackie could be a poster dog for pitbulls!  He had no pent-up negative emotions or behaviors whatsoever.  He was clearly a dog who had known much love, probably only love, and now that he had suddenly been separated from his human, he wanted only to be a courteous guest and to try to be happy until his human could find him again.

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