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2012 September 21-23, Friday-Sunday
20 Dogs to Calican Rescue in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Rescuing homeless dogs is a multi-step process. It is not enough to get them off the street or out of abusive situations, nor is it enough to give them food and water and a kennel somewhere.  Some dogs need help to forget troublesome “issues” they’ve developed as a result of abuse, but a vast majority of dogs in need present no issues -- they are healthy, sociable, lovable and eminently adoptable. All they need is a human family who longs to receive their lifelong love and loyalty!  And there are plenty of those.  The challenge is to help the dogs and the families find each other.  On Wings Of Care volunteers and our wide network of fellow animal rescuers help with all of these steps, and we especially love to use our networking and flying capabilities to complete this final step of bringing dogs and humans together.

This past weekend brought to fruition the long-planned transport of 20 small dogs to Alberta, Canada, where eager adopters awaited their new canine family members.  Kari and Rene of Calican Rescue out of Edmonton, Alberta have been uniting Canadian families with wonderful dogs in California whose time in shelters has run out, giving both dogs and families treasures for life.  There is no shortage of highly adoptable small dogs in California, where thousands meet tragic fates of euthanasia every week, only because their pitifully short time available to them in animal shelters has run out.


We’ve made these flights before, but this trip brought some unexpected challenges -- not from the dogs, but from logistics....

Read about this adventure, and see the photos and videos here!