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2012 August 28, Tuesday
Lakefront Airport and Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans, LA

Hurricane Isaac has started to make himself known!  By 4pm today, Lakefront Airport was deserted, gates all locked, buildings and airplane hangars shut tight. The two of us from On Wings Of Care here at the airport business Flightline First are the only humans left here, with our faithful dogs and our trusty On Wings Of Careairplane "Bessie" and several other airplanes huddled together inside this huge, sturdy hangar.  The airplanes all have heavy-duty trash bags tied around their wheels for the possible intrusion of standing salt water.  We'll stay here through the storm, mostly because if we leave, we'll never get back in!  The airport is on the "wrong" side of the levee, and what Lake Pontchartrain experiences, we experience here, for the highest point here is only 10' above sea level.

For me, having grown up in a northern winter climate and spent most of the last several decades in the arid west, this adventure into a tropical coastal climate is nothing but wonderful. Brayton hasn't stopped laughing at me yet. Well, except when he gets a little annoyed or worried at my "eight-year-old antics" as I find this adventure of nature no end of exciting.  So he handed me my own personal disposable "Saints" poncho and a Flightline First baseball hat, donned his own trashbag and hat, and he said "Okay, little girl, you asked for it, let's go!" And that's how I got to see my first hurricane first hand, or at least the start of it.








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