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2012 July 15-17
Louisville, KY to Los Angles and Fresno, California

It started out with an innocent email from a desperate cat rescuer in Louisville, Kentucky (KY). Could we help her find homes and transport for her nine rescue cats, because her own health was failing and she could no longer provide for them? All we could tell her was that we would network all we could, and we would help with transport somehow if we could. So we called and emailed the usual angels, and the usual angels came through! Chief among them -- Lynea Lattanzio of Cat House on the Kings.

Lynea can always be counted on for a reality check. "You want to bring nine unadoptable cats out to central California where we are overloaded with unadoptable cats??" Not quite what we wanted to hear. But hey, she did reply and she didn't say "NO!" So we were encouraged. Then two other cat rescuers from California also replied, and between the three of them and us, we thought we might be able to help with five of the cats in need, if they were actually adoptable or could become so.

In rescue work, nothing is ever simple except when it happens by accident. This venture was going to take a lot of planning, which meant it would be far from simple. But it was full of serendipity, from start to finish. The first amazing coincidence came two days after that email cry for help with the nine cats: a good friend of ours had just purchased a twin-engine plane from Nashville, Tennessee (TN) and could we help get it back to southern California for him? Well, Nashville is only a three-hour drive from Louisville! I asked if he would mind if we brought a few well-behaved passengers with us (ahem), and he said that would probably be fine! Okay, then, we had a way to get these rescue cats back to California, all we would have to do is get the cats the rest of the way to their rescues within California and then get ourselves back to New Orleans from California. The plane was so roomy and powerful that we could have taken a hundred cats, especially if we removed some of its many seats and put them in one of the many outside cargo bins. It was going to be a no-brainer, there would be so much room in there it would be a waste!

Apparently the universe thought it would be a waste of space, too. (Does Nature really abhor a vacuum?)  Because another two days later there came an email from someone who knew someone else for whom we had flown some young goats to California. These folks were desperate to get five young goats from the Knoxville, Tennessee area to California before July 18, and the logistics of getting all five of them on commercial flights had become too difficult. Remembering the small size and ease of transporting those other young goats, we said "Sure! No problem!"










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