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UPDATE 2012 July 4 -- Jeremiah Joy

(Read his full rescue story here.)

We have been so busy that we forgot to update all of you on "Jerry" and the joy he feels and has brought to us.  Despite all the beautiful photos you see on this website, we're notoriously bad about taking the camera or videocamera with us in our own spare time or at home.  But here are a couple of photos snapped with our cell phones, pretty much regular happy sights for us.  Jerry riding in the back of Brayton's SUV, smiling big as always. (Our husky girl Piper is behind him and long-haired shepherd Ford too; our little terrier gal Tilly is sitting in front.)  He has this thing for cars and especially trucks.  Really.  He LOVES them all.  And the second photo is the standard view at dinner time.  Four very alert eager canines, waiting patiently because their bowls get put down in specific places in specific orders, and they honor that.  And then they eat their yummy (to them, anyway) organic raw ground chicken, goat milk, egg, and Missing Link supplement.  All raw and all delicious, they think.  Sure does wonders for their health, we'll attest to that anytime.  Jerry has a perfect and forever place in our pack, thank you Universe!

IMAG0182 IMAG0186