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2012 June 18, Monday
East of Chatham, MA
Gulf of Maine

Today we found where all the humpback whales have been!  Not in the Stellwagen Bank sanctuary this week, but southeast of it a few tens of miles, about 20 miles east of Chatham, MA.  And they are there in massive numbers, we counted easily a hundred in an area of 10-20 square miles.  Finbacks and minkes, too!  Today's flight was not very long, as weather was moving in on us fast.  But it was enough for us to see some fantastic bubble-feeding, some mom-and-calf pairs, to assist some scientists trying to put GPS satellite tags on some whales and other scientists searching for a whale reportedly entangled in fishing gear.  A big day for a short flight!  Our videos didn't come out as well as we'd hoped, but we're working on them.  But here are some pretty good photos of what were outstandingly beautiful sights. Enjoy!

First, here's the map of where we were. And you can download our GPS flight tracks on this website's main menu item "Flight Tracks."  Stay tuned for the days five through nine.  Now that we discovered where all the whales were, we were on them every day!

Read the article and see the photos and videos here!