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2012 June 16-17, Saturday & Sunday
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Gulf of Maine

UPDATE - NEW VIDEO ADDED (Jul 13) of finback and humpback whales June 17!

Saturday's flight was a quick one before the fog and clouds moved in big time, and we left early to look for a minke whale reported as appearing ready to strand in a shallow bay near Wellfleet, on the inside of what I would call the outer arm of the cape.  We combed the area as well as possible in the morning light and foggy air. We were pretty sure that had the fella been there in distress, we would have seen him.  No further reports came in the ensuing days, so we can only hope that he found his way out of the bay... Sunday's flight was a more careful survey of the entire sanctuary, including the area known as Jeffries Ledges north of the sanctuary.  Everyone was wondering where all the humpback whales were, and since so many of the whale-watching as well as scientific research boats were coming out of ports west of the sanctuary, they really hoped that the whales were still in the sanctuary.  Well, our search started out with a bang, at least for us:  A basking shark, right off the top as we entered the southwest corner of the sanctuary!  And before the flight was over, a total of four of those huge plankton-feeding sharks!  That was really fun.  And, we saw more finback whales, and humpback whales this time, including moms and calves.  Now it was really starting to feel like Cape Cod in the summer again...










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