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2012 January 13 -- Jeremiah comes home to us!
We received an email earlier this week advising us that his adopter in Arizona was ill, and would we consider taking Jeremiah back? Oh My! She didn't have to ask us twice! When we flew him to Arizona last May, it was against our hearts but he had already been spoken for.  We knew he would be loved there, but there were so many other dogs there already, and his extraordinarily loyal and previously broken heart seemed to us to need constancy, not more change.  Well, all's well that ends well!  Our plane was back in New Orleans and we were in California, but we didn't waste a day. We borrowed a plane and flew to Arizona the next day and retrieved him.

Jeremiah recognized us immediately.  The people in Arizona clearly had loved him very much, but still, I was looking at a dog who looked older and more stressed than the Jeremiah I had handed over to them last May.  His hindquarters trembled with nervousness, his hair had never grown back well, his eyes and coat looked dull and his muzzle whiter than we remembered.  They handed us his paperwork and a bag filled with bottles of medicines -- anti-anxiety, anti-pain, anti-arthritis, and so forth.  Oh how I wished I had a nice raw steak to give that dog right then and there!  They explained to us that the trembling had begun a few months back, and he also had developed a habit of uncontrollable barking when left alone or around a group of dogs he didn't know.  I'd heard enough.  I walked him back to the plane, lifted his thin body easily into the plane and he was happy to settle into the luxurious warm dog bed there for him.  He remembered good things about the plane and being with us.  Hugs and kisses done, we took off promptly and headed back to home in California.

Most of our family is still back in New Orleans, so for now it was just Jeremiah and me.  And that was good.  He ate his organic grass-fed raw beef and bison and chicken, his raw eggs and raw butter, all with relish.  Oh he got some quality grain-free kibble as well.  He wanted to eat all he could have!  He has not had a pill since.  He has barked only once -- to alert me that someone was at the front gate!  He slept and slept and slept the first few days, and the first time I invited him to come along for a ride in the car to run some errands, he looked frightened and ran back to the living room couch, as if to say "Please don't take me away, I love it here!"  I left him there that time, but never again.  After that, he wanted to come everywhere, and so he has.  The more places we went and the more people he met, the more he began to believe that he was not being abandoned, that he was starting a real life here, as a loved dog and companion.  And he has.

Jerry's coat and eyes are getting shiny again, and he eats so well he is filling out like a stout fire plug!  But he can run again, and he smiles all the time. We'll send new photos and videos after our whole pack is reunited!  Stay tuned.

Jeremiah and I will fly back to New Orleans in a couple of weeks and reunite with the entire pack who first brought him out of the shelter in Hazlehurst, Georgia last May, and with us he will stay.  Jeremiah was indeed a true friend, and we are his true friends.

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Jeremiah in Georgia where we picked him up May 15; in New Orleans where he spent a week with us, learning to smile and laugh and sleep and eat with joy again; and meeting his new mom Kunzang in Arizona May 22.

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With thanks to Three Dog Night for the great song about Jeremiah and apologies for messing with the lyrics, here is the version we couldn't keep from singing when we were with him:

Jeremiah was a true friend,
He was a true friend of mine.
No matter what the troubles even til the end,
I'd look at him and all was fine.

They said his ol' heart was broken,
They said that he had reached his end,
But he disagreed inside and kept his love alive,
And his world came 'round again!


Read more about Jeremiah's update here