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2012 January 01, New Year's Day
New Orleans Lakefront Airport

The airport staff tried for hours to drive the dog away, thinking he would go home where they hoped he belonged. This was very early in the morning on New Year's day. Maybe he had run away because of the noise of all the fireworks last night.  But this thin but gorgeous intact male boxer was dirty and covered with callouses, and his ribs were sticking way out. So maybe he hadn't been home for a good while.  He was as gentle and well-mannered as a dog could be. But he wouldn't leave.  Sunrise came and passed, a beautiful balmy southern day unfolded, and he had no intention of going anywhere else.  They called us, and we brought food and tools to clean him up and made an appointment at the local emergency animal care facility so that they could see if he had a microchip ID in him.

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