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2011 December 26

Here is a fabulous new program that will:

  • Save thousands of lives per year,
  • Bring wonderful domestic animals in need of rescue into the arms and homes of the humans who want to love and care for them, and
  • Enable pilots and aircraft owners, charter companies, and airlines to save money while providing an invaluable and desperately needed charitable service.
We're calling it the Lend A Wing™ program.

Rescuers everywhere spend enormous amounts of time, money, and energy matching up humans in need of the love and companionship of wonderful animals (dogs and cats and rabbits and more), with great animals who are in need of rescue and homes.  All of this effort goes a long ways, figuratively speaking. But sometimes the animals need to go a long way -- literally, in order to reach their fur-ever homes.  Often it is this missing link -- transport, that makes the chain of rescue fail.

Read more about how Lend A Wing™ can save your company money through fuel discounts, donations, and tax benefits while you save many lives and provide this desperately needed charitable service!